Our Facilities

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  • Main Studio
  • Studio C
  • Our Future Home! 2801 Morriss Rd (WE ARE MOVING! Join us in our Forever Home in February 2023!)
Main dance studio location

Exterior of main location


Lobby at main location

studio b

Studio B at main location

wall decor

Wall decor at main studio

kids corral

Armoire and Kids Corral - Main Location

dancewear and crosses

Dancewear and Crosses - Main Studio

studio c exterior

Exterior of Studio C

logo wall at studio c

Logo wall at Studio C

studio c

Studio C

barres at studio c

Barres at Studio C

dance studio

Studio C space

blessed wall at studio c

Blessed wall at Studio C

wall decor

Wall decor at Studio C

studio c wall decor

Studio C wall decor

future home of turning pointe dance

Future home of Turning Pointe: COMING January 2023!